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Whether you’re looking for a comfortable and convenient place to live or a practical and profitable business location, Mid-Ohio Development is here to help.

Since 1963, the Murphy family has listened to and learned from building trends, public preferences, and individual wants and needs in commercial, industrial, and housing developments to put Mid-Ohio Development in a position of leadership among central Ohio developers.

Please take the time to review our site for properties that meet your needs – personally or professionally – and do not hesitate to contact us if there is any way we can help.

Thank you for your interest in Mid-Ohio Development Corporation. We look forward to serving your real estate needs.


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When faced with the tough decisions every real estate developer struggles with, Mid-Ohio Development Corporation has a distinctive advantage at its disposal: four generations worth of construction and development industry wisdom and perspective. Company Founder and Chairman, Herb Murphy, draws on the skills he learned from his father who owned a construction business in Newark, Ohio. Herb's youngest son, Mid-Ohio President, Roney Murphy, applies knowledge and values learned from Herb as he manages the company day-to-day.
Mid-Ohio's pool of experience not only gives them an edge today, it has also seen them through market ups and downs since its founding in 1963, 57 years ago.
Land acquisition and product design are still the aspects of the business Herb most enjoys. My background is engineering, and because of that, I like architecture, he says. Herb works with Mid-Ohio's architects to add extra efficiency to the company's highly-livable floor plans.
The organizations high caliber product is one reason why their total real estate portfolio has experienced significant success. With over 60 employees, Mid-Ohio handles property management and maintenance in-house. They also maintain their own sales staff and brokerage. Although Mid-Ohio builds a mixture of buildings, their main concentration currently is the multi-family rental market. Our properties currently span nine counties across the state of Ohio; Allen, Clark, Fairfield, Franklin, Hancock, Licking, Montgomery, Muskingum and Ottawa counties. We are looking at extending our reach to the western part of the state and aggressively building in the senior housing market says Roney Murphy.
Provide unselfish service, a caring attitude, and a commitment to work hard for our clients, residents, tenants, and employees. To build all our relationships around the values of honesty, integrity, and respect.
As a premier builder, developer and manager of residential, commercial, and industrial properties in Central Ohio, we will continue to focus on outstanding quality, long-lasting value, and open honest communication.

Integrity In
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Mid-Ohio Development Corporation has become the name to look for in high quality commercial and residential properties. But the story is the name, and that name is Murphy.

Since 1963, the Murphy family has built more than just buildings; they’ve built a reputation for outstanding quality, long-lasting value, and design features that satisfy both wants and needs.
The values of the Murphy family are a part of everything we do. Unselfish service, a caring attitude, and a commitment to work hard, set us apart as a company and makes us more than just a business.
Visit our properties or come into our office to see what we have to offer. We hope what you learn about Mid-Ohio Development will positively reinforce your decision to choose one of our residential or business properties.


We believe our family's impeccable business reputation is our most important asset, one that we carefully protect for the benefit of our family and yours.

Open communication between our family of associates has contributed greatly to our ability to serve an ever-growing family of residents, tenants, and clients. And our ability to serve is the foundation of our success and yours as well.

You’ll frequently hear or read the phrase, “We look forward to serving your real estate needs.” We truly mean that. And we hope you allow us to serve your needs for many years to come.

The Murphy Family